Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salvia - a hallucinogen in the public access

Descriptions blades poisoning in the available literature does not occur. It was found that when smoking the dried sage leaves emerge fast and intense hallucinogenic effects, altered forms of consciousness, impulsive and irresponsible actions etc. Therefore, sage also referred to psychoactive plants (Psyflora), the so-called entheogens.

The term "entheogen" (literally "becoming divine within") defines the plants in which the ancient shamans properties found to cause altered states of consciousness. Entheogenic shamanic plants cause intoxication such as immersion in the "transcendent and beautiful state of the connection with the divine" call "vision." The term "entheogen" is associated with the term "psychedelic", which is used mainly in relation to substances that cause effects similar to the effects of LSD or mescaline. Available in the literature and Internet sources of lists of "important shamanic means" contain and sage (Salvia divinorum). You can find the information that shamans use salvia dilvinorum during rituals predictions. It is known that the information at different times, were not disclosed.

The active ingredient and the main active chemical compound in the body by smoking salvia, a diterpene called salvinorin-A, is not like any chemical substance on one of the lists I and II of banned substances.

Smoking average dose of salvinorin is only 0.5 mg per person of average sensitivity and mass. Based on the concentration of salvinorin A in the leaves of this plant, 200 mg middle leaves Salvia divinorum salvinorin contain enough to cause a psychoactive hallucinogenic effects. Sage does not apply to funds controlled by the state, which explains appeared over the last few years a boom in the Internet in the form of advertising and mass offers to purchase ready for smoking salvia by sending it by post in the ordinary postal envelopes or courier service.

On special Internet sites that are easy to find on the keywords in the public domain is a fairly extensive advertising information, notifying that (quote): "Like many other entheogens, Salvia causes of vision, but it is much safer: Salvia is not capable of causing death overdose. Salvia is not addictive. Salvia is legal. The effects are reversible and do not last long. Salvia divinorum and its active ingredient salvinorin A in all countries of the world (except Australia) are completely legal, and there are no restrictions on the cultivation, purchase, sale or use of the plant or extracts derived from it. Salvinorin-A does not represent any of the prohibited substances list as chemical has nothing to do with them. "

Advertise sage informs also that it can be grown on a windowsill, are photographs. There is more detailed information about smoking salvia. Sponsored instructions state also that you need to prepare "an aesthetic environment", "it is important to pay attention to the visual and audio aspects of the environment. For some people, silence is preferable, for others - quiet music in a dimly lit room. "

Along with the Internet, there are guidelines on the precautions that indicate a high risk that smokers expose themselves sage (quoted): "Never smoke alone, without a sober observer. It is known that under the influence of salvia divinorum sometimes people get up and start walking, being totally aloof, completely unaware of what surrounds them, stumbling and bumping into everything, dropping him with a variety of items. The role of the observer is the need to protect your body from harm, that you can cause yourself. Under the influence of salvia divinorum a person can become very excited. It is important to have a reliable, sober observer, looking out for you during the whole duration of the plant. The place where you are going to smoke salvia should be safe: out of it should be removed all dangerous items windows are closed, removed an open fire, and other potentially dangerous items. The man in any case should not drive a car before the effects of Salvia do not stop completely. After Effects stopped, you must wait an hour before you get behind the wheel. " From these warnings can be seen that smoking salvia may require emergency medical care. How soon disappears completely clinic Sage intoxication after smoking, are not reported. Scientific comments, as they say, are unnecessary.

The problem according to Sage in Addiction (by seeking medical care and monitoring data publications) is already a clinical reality. Concern about the epidemic of smoking sage express the main drug treatment of many states of our country.

Unfortunately, the "salvia sites" on the Internet not only play the role of advertisers, but also an intermediary in trade Salvia divinorum. It turns out to order and receive by mail "product", it is only necessary to fill out and send an e-mail to the proposed order form with the address of delivery (delivery form: registered mail with cash on delivery, or by courier). Interestingly, the advertising sage smoking to achieve altered forms of consciousness, nausea and hallucinations is based on the available data about the health properties and safety of the plant.

With years of experience in the scientific and practical drug treatment and pharmacy, I believe that the current situation with Salvia divinorum can play start (starter) role in large-scale distribution of smoking sage leaves - strong hallucinogen and, besides causing acute delirium, and psychotic episodes that pose a danger to health and life of both consumers and others. In this regard, requires not only the identification of the problem, which was the aim of the present work, but taking precautionary measures to control at the state and regional levels. Requires scientific monitoring of this form of addiction and the development of approaches to therapy and prevention.

P.S. According to the latest information in Russian salvia divinorum and salvinorin-A is prohibited by law. Distribution, storage, consumption of these substances entail criminal liability.